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Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter on you gas engine's exhaust helps clean pollutants out of the air but uses precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium to do so.  Trucks and SUVs are easier targets for thieves because they are higher off the ground and provide easier access to the vehicle's exhaust system.

If your catalytic converter has been stolen 

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Digital Estimates

Our professional estimators are waiting to provide you with fast, accurate digital estimates. 

Hassle Free
Insurance & Claims Process

Our staff has experience working with any insurance company. We can handle the claims process for you, eliminating this hassle for you. 

Reliable Parts Network

We have a wide network of vendors to source rare and common parts quickly and efficiently. 


Truck Accident Repairs

Check out some examples of collision repairs we've fixed for our clients. 

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